Our current developments and focus in paper products

MF Bleached Grease Resistant and High Wet Strength Papers

Australian Paper’s grease resistant paper is used in food applications, typically for Quick Service Restaurants (QSR) and dairy applications. We make a smooth and lightweight bleached paper. High specification grades for dairy, butter and margarine are starch free, have high “kit rating” and high wet strength properties.

Printright Inkjet Papers

Australian Paper’s PrintRight Inkjet digital paper is specifically designed for high-speed continuous printing applications. PrintRight Inkjet uses a combination of multiple surface treatments and optimum smoothness in an uncoated paper to bring out brilliant colors with excellent image clarity in all Inkjet applications.

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SuperGold Sack and Bag

Australian Paper’s SuperGold papers are primarily suited to food sack and bag applications through properties like high burst, high tensile and high stretch. The fibre mix used provides a lighter and more appealing gold appearance and the paper surface properties have led to enhanced results from surface printing including digital technologies. This has enabled us to explore new applications like envelopes.

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