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About PPM

Connecting people & paper worldwide

Paper Products Marketing (PPM) is a manufacturer, supplier and distributor of various papers to more than 70 countries. We operate six offices, across Asia, and the USA to service the requirements of our partner paper mills and our customers around the world.

Headquartered in Melbourne Australia, we are a member of the Opal Group and part of Nippon Paper Industries, Japan. Melbourne is also the logistics center for paper exports from Opal Group.

Nippon Paper Group is one of the 10 largest companies in the global forest, paper and packaging industry. As well as operating more than 20 paper mills in Japan, Nippon Paper has business interests in Asia, Oceania, North and South America. Opal Group is Nippon Paper’s largest investment outside Japan.

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Over 55 years of experience

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Our range of papers

We manufacture, supply and distribute many grades of paper into the food, industrial, packaging, stationary and publishing segments.

Sack Papers

  • Natural Kraft Unbleached
  • Semi Extensible Kraft Unbleached
  • High Porous Kraft Unbleached
  • SuperGold Kraft Unbleached

Bag Papers

  • MG Kraft Unbleached
  • MG 50% recycled Kraft Unbleached
  • MG Kraft Bleached
  • MG High Wet Strength Bleached
  • MF Bleached SOS Kraft
  • MF Bleached Grease Resistant and High Wet Strength Kraft

Box and Board Papers

  • Kraft Liner Board
  • Kraft Liner Board with <30% Recycled
  • Kraft top Liner Board
  • Fluting Medium
  • Testliner
  • White Top Testliner
  • Liquid Packaging Board
  • Cup stock coated and uncoated

Speciality Papers

  • Thermal Papers
  • Paper Straws
  • Grease Resistant Papers
  • PE/Papers
  • PET/Papers
  • Alu/Papers


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MF Bleached Grease Resistant and High Wet Strength Papers

SuperGold Sack and Bag

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The History of PPM

Over 55 years of experience in the paper products industry

We have a long rich history in the world of paper. Australian Paper Manufacturing (APM) developed their first paper mill in 1868 and 3 mills by 1895.

By the 1960’s APM had up to 6 paper mills in Australia and paper production exceeded the domestic market requirement. A joint venture with other regional mills was established to open up a network for sales into new regions.

Our first offices opened during the 1960’s in Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan and Hong Kong. PPM Singapore later merged with VRG in 2004.

PPM USA opened in 1978, followed by PPM Europe with the acquisition of Froehlen-Reddemann GmbH in 2003 and a full name change to PPM Europe in 2015.

From April 2000, PPM was part of the PaperlinX Group, at the time, the World’s largest paper Merchant.

Today, there is only one original APM paper mill left in Australia at Maryvale, Victoria. The mill is now part of the Opal Group and a wholly owned entity of Nippon Paper Industries, Japan.