For more than 45 years we have been building relationships and partnerships that deliver benefits to paper purchasers and suppliers around the world. Applying our specialist knowledge and experience of the paper industry and markets, our aim is to help connect you to the optimum paper product opportunities.

Our parent company
Nippon Paper Industries is one of the world's leading fine paper producers and Australia's principal manufacturer of quality communication and packaging paper. The company has annual worldwide sales of more than eight million tonnes of paper.

The Benefits Of Understanding And Experience
When you do business with PPM you’ll discover the difference of dealing with people who understand the markets in which they operate and have an in depth knowledge of paper and paper products and their usage.

Our people will listen to understand your business goals and act to help you achieve them.

Our Asset, Your Advantage
At PPM we take great care in selecting our people - as one of our clients you will discover why - because it's our people that make the difference. With a committed team around the world, our aim is to building lasting partnerships with both suppliers and buyers.

While paper is what we trade, we believe that connecting people and paper is the core of our business.

The Benefits of Local Knowledge in Australia
Paper Products Marketing services export markets for Australian Paper, exporting to over 70 countries in Asia, Europe, North and South America, Africa and Middle East. This is coordinated by the Melbourne office.

The World View
You can rely on PPM for specialist advice based on a global view of the world's paper markets - delivered with a commitment to professionalism, integrity, reliability and building enduring partnerships.

Guarantee of Financial Strength
With the financial strength to finance the entire transaction from supply point through to delivery at its final destination, we can guarantee you the optimum logistics path.